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Portland needs new leadership. Our city is in a downward spiral. Yes, we have been growing, but not all growth is good growth. And much of our growth has been at the expense of the unique culture and nature of our city. Our city is becoming increasingly unlivable and we need new leadership to correct this course. As both an attorney and a software developer, it has been my job to understand and develop solutions for complex problems – it is these skills I will bring to put Portland back on course.

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Portlanders, our city needs help. If we don't make serious changes, the steady decline of our unique culture will only worsen. This election, we can change that by choosing a new direction. Before you mail your ballot, consider the changes on offer (or lack thereof). Take a look at my plan.

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I'm not much interested in social media, personally. It has its uses, but much of it is not a good platform for meaningful discussion or debate. However, it can be a great way to learn about someone. For those of you that want to get to know me a bit better, you can find me on:

Housing - Scaling Rent to Income

Learn what it means to scale rent to income (and some of Ryan's dietary habits). Read the detailed plan here.

*UPDATE* Do NOT eat Tide Pods, drink bleach, or put any cleaner inside your body. This was said in jest - who could have expected the President to suggest such a thing?

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Housing - Why We Must Scale Rent to Income

Learn why we must scale rent to income to make housing affordable (and a little about Ryan's housing preferences). Read the detailed plan here.

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Transportation - Tiering Our Roads


Learn what it means to create a tiered road system and why it's important (with some help from friends). Read the detailed plan here.

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Transportation - Why We Must Tier Our Roads

Learn why we must tier our roads based on transportation mode to make transportation efficient (and safe, clean, affordable). Read the detailed plan here.

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