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I was born in Seattle, WA just after Mount St. Helens blew its top, which means absolutely nothing given I was too young for it to leave an impact (on me). After about a year, my father retired from the Navy and we moved to Oklahoma (Tulsa, then Edmond), where I grew up enjoying the wind sweeping down the plains (when the wind wasn't a tornado). As I entered my teenage years, we moved to San Antonio, TX, which I quite enjoyed (as much as any teenager can) until I left to study at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX under their President's Scholars program.


I studied Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at SMU, and wished I'd also studied Geology and Economics (but not so hard that I actually did it). Eventually, I meandered my way to Portland, OR in 2008 to attend Lewis & Clark Law School. I became a member of the Oregon State Bar in 2011, and have made Portland my home ever since. I even eventually found my amazing wife here, Lora, who just makes everything that much better. She also let's me do crazy things like run for office, so everyone – good luck to you because I already got her.

I've previously had three main careers:

  • 1. Programmer / Software Developer

  • 2. Peace Corps Volunteer, Albania

I worked with the municipality in Burrel, Albania as a community development volunteer for ~2 years.

  • 3. Civil Litigation / IP Attorney (patent prosecution)

  • Next: Your City Commissioner, if you'll have me.

I am running for Position 2, but the only difference between the City Commissioner positions is who else is running for the position.

There aren't any functional differences.

But that's not the only work I've done. For example, I've worked in retail (Barnes & Noble), as a USSF-certified soccer referee, taught women's self defense courses, and been unemployed (I mean, I've been “between jobs”). But that's enough about me – this campaign is about Portland and what we can do to make our city better. So, please go and read about my plan for Portland or my thoughts on democracy in a civil society. If you want to know more about me as a person, come out to an event and chat!

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