The biggest issues facing Portland right now are: 1) unaffordable housing, 2) inefficient transportation, and 3) the homelessness epidemic. While there are many other issues which we must address as a city, these are key to how Portland fares in the future.

Fair Housing

​We can do more to make housing affordable by scaling rent to income, up to the median income for Portland.

Efficient Transit

We can do more to make transportation not just more efficient, but safer, cleaner, and more affordable by dedicating local roads to small vehicles (bikes, e-bikes) and transitioning large vehicles (cars) to dedicated thoroughfares. This transition can be supported by increased, fareless mass transit.

Easing the Burden of Homelessness

We can do more to ease the burden of homelessness on all of us by advocating the State to address the root causes of homelessness while integrating homeless residents safely with the city, so that every Portlander can have their space.


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