On Campaign Donations

We have many institutions we use to facilitate our lives – churches or mosques for our spiritual lives, leagues or sports centers for our athletic lives, universities or libraries for our intellectual lives. Such institutions help us organize ourselves, even when we act outside them, by providing focal points for our activities. We keep these institutions thriving, not just by using them, but also by donating or paying for their availability.

Political parties and individual campaigns do the same thing for our political life – they act as focal points for our discussions and interactions about how our society should work and what actions we want to take as a nation. Just as it is important to donate to our church so it can continue providing spiritual guidance, or to our library so it can continue to provide literature and classes, so too it is important to donate to political organizations or candidates so that they can introduce ideas and facilitate our discussions about our nation.

Candidates help form and generate our social discussions about what sort of community we want to be, and what sort of things we want to do. Donating to candidates allows them to continue that discussion through events, websites, publications, and many other forms of engagement.

So, if you like a candidate’s voice, you like what they add to the conversation, please donate to help them continue our great discussions under democracy. Click here to print this entry

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